Men of Epiphany

Welcome to MOE, where men grow closer to Jesus and develop deeper friendships by connecting through prayer, study, sharing, and service.

New Member Assimilation/Mentoring

Introduce new members to our congregational family by connecting new members with current members. Help newmembers find their gifts and lead them to areas of discipleship and service.


Mile Marker Ministry

Our spiritual formation process at Epiphany begins in infancy and continues through senior adulthood. We have created a simple path specifically for families to walk on called Legacy Mile Markers. This path is designed around preschoolers, children, and students. With great joy we are able help parents effectively train our children in the Christian faith as they do life at home. In this way we build a legacy of faith into the next generation. Join us in this mission today!

Epiphany Youth

Rally with other young people powered up by the Holy Spirit! Grow your faith and become an ambassador for Christ. Check out our gallery of photos to see what we've been up to!

Youth Leadership Team

Treat yourself to the energy of youth who know the Lord by spending time with them in music, prayer, Bible study, and chaperoning youth events.


Small Groups

Join with others in their Christian walk and discipleship. We have a place for you so sign up today as a leader or participant for real life change as you mature spiritually!

Children’s Ministry

On Sunday morning, help children learn about Jesus and His love. Join a teaching team for preschool or grades K-5. All materials are provided.

Epiphany Preschool

Volunteer to help our preschool’s 2 ½ through 4 year-olds grow spiritually, mentally, and socially.

Friends of the Library

Help build and maintain our church library so that the wisdom of many Christians is easy to access.




Lector Ministry

Announce the Word of the Lord to His people during worship. Praise be to God!

Worship Hosts

Be upfront on Sundays where you will invite congregants to worship and then guide them through the worship service.

Altar Guild

Prayerfully prepare and care for the vessels and vestments of the altar. Respectfully make the sanctuary ready for weekly worship services and all special services. Epiphany Ministries

Usher Ministry

Perhaps the most visible of all ministry teams, ushers help seat people, smile at visitors, hand out worship folders, answer a multitude of questions, and collect the offering.

Crucifer (6th-8th grades)/Acolyte (3rd-5th grades) Ministry

An opportunity for youth to solemnly participate in the more reverential aspects of worship.


Epiphany Angels

Be a “guardian angel” for an Epiphany member by providing a meal, an encouraging visit or card, home-help, or transportation to a doctor’s appointment.

Epiphany Quilters

Volunteer crafters unite to make baby quilts and lap robes for newly baptized infants, A Women’s Pregnancy Center, and Eldercare.


Many hands make light work! Support our Church staff by volunteering to help with special office tasks and mailings.

Property Management

This is the “behind the scenes crew.” Painting, cleaning, fixing, gardening, and building projects are just some of the things to be done around church.

Jesus Wheels

Gather the sheep to the Shepherd: provide a ride for a person who cannot drive. You can use your own vehicle.

Money Counters

Tithes and offerings need to be carefully accounted for. Help keep the record straight by joining this ministry.

Technology — ALiVE

Be part of the team that brings worship ALiVE by providing the Audio, Lighting, Visual Equipment support for our worship services.

Reaching Out

Kairos Inside

Follow Jesus’ command to visit Him in prison by leading prayer and Bible study for inmates.

Kairos Outside

Be part of a team demonstrating God’s love & acceptance to women whose family members are imprisoned or to women who are former inmates.

Chelsea House

Minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of displaced, hurting, hopeless women and children facing crisis.


Team up with other men and women who desire to reach their community, their country, and the world with the good news of Jesus.

Vacation Bible Mission Team

Join us to take VBS off-site to a needy neighborhood for a weekend during June.


Epiphany Intercessors

Join a team of prayer warriors that carries the needs of persons to the Lord throughout the week. Wait and watch for the Lord to work!

Altar Prayer Ministry

Become a trained intercessor to minister to congregants who come forward for special, confidential prayer after each Sunday service.

Place of Prayer

Recharge on Wednesday night with a time of prayer and Bible study. Keep a prayer list and watch for the Lord to move in people’s lives.


Coffee Hosts

Help at the most popular spot in church; organize and watch over coffee and donuts at this happy fellowship time. It’s a sweet opportunity to serve the Lord!

Greeter Team

Welcome members and visitors with a friendly greeting, a smiling face and a warm welcome. Be a preview of God’s grace and love in Epiphany.